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朝・昼・夜 の時間を大切にしてゆこう」




in the morning there is meaning

in the evening there is feeling

by Gertrude Stein

I incorporated breakfast and morning time as motifs in my creation. My work concept is “FOR THE TOMORROW MORNING”. The meaning of this word is related to my childhood experiences and memories. When i was a 7 years old, I couldn’t go to school for 9 years. It means I couldn’t get compulsory education. At the time,I had Neighbor friends, but I didn’t get used to go to school. I hated morning time so badely and couldn’t eat breakfast. I knew If i ate break fast ,I had to go to school.It means commitment to go to school. (Japanese proverb says that "if you don’t work you can’t eat any foods". I felt the meaning of this words when i was a primary school child.) One day my family and psychiatrist doctor said that even though you didn’t go to school, your time was important for your future life. After that I’ve been keeping eye on my body clock(myself). I'm interested in my mind and body for tomorrow’s morning and I create dances while considering the distance between myself and Society. Breakfast and light are important motifs to dialogue with my body clock. In the end,I’d like to note Gertrude Stein’s quote .Her words makes an enormous influence on my work. in the morning there is meaning in the evening there is feeling by Gertrude Stein

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